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Remain ahead of the competition and outperform your rivals with our cutting edge software services.... taking your business ahead of your curve.We at TechCurve Software & Services offer an array of cutting edge software development services coupling technology and novelty to boost business growth and profitability. Our bespoke software development services fit into a wide variety of verticals and business domains.We have professionals with expertise in different technologies like ASP.Net, MVC, MYSQL, SQL Server, Android, PHP, etc. who are committed to design and develop highly powerful and efficient software’s. Our bespoke software’s not only meet your needs but overdo your expectations. We do this by understanding your business needs, taking account of each requirement in detail through interactions, documenting it and then transforming these requirements into software features and then finally into a complete software application which is fully tailored for meeting your business needs. Our deft professionals not only keep themselves abreast with the latest technological happening in the field but also inculcate that knowledge in your projects to keep you ahead of the competition.Our modus operandi for a software project includes Product Roadmap Definition This is the first step of the development process and most important one as we define what is needed, which let you know the work that needs to be done and problems which need to be resolved. Draft Architecture Architecture is an effective tool for early feasibility of a design on yielding an acceptable system. Effective architecture allows us to identify design risks & alleviate them in early phase of software development process saving time and cost. Prepare environment Prepare the necessary hardware and software requirements for the system on which software needs to be installed. Plan the required software tools, operating system, databases etc. Revision Inculcate the changes that might have occurred due to problem solving in the above steps. Create iteration plans and baseline for development Create a plan for each iteration. Each Iterating will have a certain amount of rework of existing software product. Create baseline plan to start the development after which each iteration will be carried out. Intermediate product will be created from each and final product will be built at the end of last iteration. Refine use cases This step includes list of events and interaction between a role and the system to achieve a goal and defining the each use case for our project. Optimal resource management All the resources that are at our disposal are utilized to the full so that goal can be accomplished with in the standard framework. Testing Identify and eliminate all the bugs that might have crept in the product before final installation. Installation and support After installing the product at user sites, all the necessary guidelines as well training required will be provided by our team. Feedback We will keep improving on our products and may incorporate changes based on the feedback we receive from our esteemed clients......

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